Overclocking my AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series

Hey guys, recently got a gaming PC and I would REALLY like to overclock my graphics card for better performance. I want to let you guys know beforehand to not worry about the PC overheating or anything because it is a cooler master and it has fans everywhere, even on the CPU and GPU itself. Please, I need to know what I should download to overclock my GPU and what to set the clock settings to, such as the core clock and memory clock! Thank you very much guys! I appreciate it if I could be answered ASAP so I can get this done! . :D
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    the principles remain the same. also temps better stay below 85c at all times. voltage tweaking most probably wont be avaliable with your Radeon.! you will need a solid psu to do so! you can also overclock through Catalyst Control Center
    (moreover, gaming should be your final test to ensure every runs fine. a not responding driver or graphic corruption means you are pretty close of being stable so a bit of decreasing the core/memory Mhz will get you there!)



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