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In a couple month i might buy some upgrades for my gaming PC. What kinda stumped me was the graphics card. Why? Because there are so many choices, what i first thought was to get my dream card the 690! Then i realized it was 2 years old, it still stands up to modern gpu's so it sounds good, right? But since the card is older the driver support wont be as a good as say the 780ti. But the thing is for me I like looks the 690 it has the fan in the middle, great shiny shroud with black accents. In addition the 690 is a gamers dream, 3 displays for one card is crazy! So what card do you think i should go with? (price isn't a issue)
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  1. All Nvidia GPUs can drive 3 monitors off of one card for gaming since the 600 series. Also, a GTX 780 Ti, especially when overclocked, can easily match and even beat a 690 that isn't watercooled, and will be more reliable performance-wise since you don't need to worry about whether or not a game supports SLI.
  2. I would recommend the 780ti, as you said the 690 is old and the driver support will soon be lacking if it isn't already, if your playing @ 1440p, or surround I would recommend 2 780ti's since price isnt really an issue. I tried a AMD 295x2 and took it back the next day and got the 2 780ti's and haven't looked back. They're a great choice.
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    The 690 is a great card at 1080p and 1440p, but with the newer games, with each of the GPU's only has 2GB of VRAM, anything higher than that with MSAAx8 on is going to probably reach its VRAM limits. Most modern day GFX cards supports 3 monitors and so does the 780 ti.

    Also, the 780 Ti is much quieter. xD

    Oh yea, don't try to overclock a 690 without a waterblock. The 780 Ti though loves O.C.'ing, mines running 1250 MHz on the core with bloody air. xD

    I went for the 780 Ti, though, lower TDP and whatnot, it performs nearly as well as the 690, but not quite as fast in some contexts.
  4. Go for the 780 Ti, the aftermarket version outperform the 690 in some games/resoloutions
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