Is nVidia PhysX really worth it ?

Hello all , i made my choice about my new PC and i choose the MSI R9 290 Gaming for the budget i have currently , first of all i really wanted the MSI 780GTX i was really impresse with this one but unfortunately i don't have enough money , so they recomended me this AMD Card (personnaly i'm an Nvidia fanboy) but i really was impressed with this card ! so i decided to pick the R9 290 , but later on i rememberd Physx and i really wanted to test this since a long time ago :??:.

i wonder if i'ts possible to run Physx on this amd Card if yes i'll bring That boy from AMD !
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  1. Physx is nice, but its not enough to warrant changing brands.
    Both cards are almost identical, with the 290 being better at higher resolutions.
  2. Physx is Nvidia only, but only supported on a few games. IMHO it's not worth it.
  3. i really want that Physx thig i know few games support it , but in Mirror's edge and Batman it 's really beautiful :(
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    In the games to do support it, Physx is offloaded to the CPU, so you still get some "Physx", but not to the same extent.

    I still wouldnt worry, you save money and get increased performance.
  5. So can i get Physx with this AMD Card on Batman and Mirror's edge with my cpu ? How to do it ?
  6. It auto offloads the work, you shouldnt have to do anything.
  7. Some games requiring installing a physx driver for CPU physx but it isn't a big deal.
    Personally I think physx adds a lot of clutter to the screen
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