780ti SLI, Temperature issues


I just got another GPU and after playing games (using 99% of both GPU's) the temps are a problem (i think)

After about 1 hour 30 mins, gpu 1 gets to 82c and gpu 2 gets to 74c average
My case shows 43c, my cpu cores range from 65c to 55c...

GPU: 780ti SLI (EVGA ACX Cooler
CPU: i7-4770k (Overclocked to 4.1 Ghz)
CPU Cooler: H100i with corsair SP120 quiet editions
CASE: thermaltake A31

i have 5 Corsair SP120 quiet dition case fans, including h100i's fans
My room temp is always 23c

Are these temps okay? and if not what sort of technics/cooling components should i look at?
NOTE: i cant use custom water loops

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    Those temperatures are fine, and to be expected for an SLI setup. After 90 minutes, at 99% usage, 82 degrees as a maximum is actually pretty good. Graphics cards are designed to run at higher temperatures than the CPU; anything under 90 is essentially fine (the reference 290X runs at 95 degrees), although obviously the lower the better!

    If the temperatures start to creep up any higher, you can always increase the fan speeds of the cards to help bring them down a bit more (I'd personally try to keep the hottest GPU below 85 degrees if possible).
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