couple questions with gaming pc

here is my pc so far

***looking to overclock in the future when i learn a little more so if that has an influence on part picking just a heads up***

motherboard-should i keep the one i have or i was looking at asus z97 a or msi z 97 gaming 5 or if
one is better than these for 100-150 dollars let me know

memory cant decide what to get here

cas 11 1.65 v
cas 10 1.65 v


cas 11 1.5v
cas 9 1.65v
cas 10 1.6v
cas 11 1.6v


cas 9 1.5v


cas 9 1.5v
cas10 1.5v
cas 8 1.5v

or should i choose from something from the 1600? might as well as go with 2133 since its not much more that 1600 and some1 told me 2400 is worse than 2133 because high latency cancels out with it making it slower than 2133?


should i spend the $180+ on the gtx 780 or stick with the gtx 770 superclocked acx
if you say 780 which series should i get?

operating system
strange question here but what is the difference between these two os and which should i get?

thanks in advance for answers i appreciate all help
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    I'd go the Z97-A, Trident 2400/10 (great combo with CPU and mobo), if it will fit the budget I'd go the 780, preferably the Asus CU model (love mine (in sig)), both look to simply be Win 8.1 the OEM version so either/or
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