Gigabyte 990xa ud3 rev 3 overheating amd fx 8320?

I Recently bought a new machine with a 990xa ud3 and an AMD fx 8320. The first time it booted up it went up to 70-80 degrees celsius with the stock cooler. After I upgraded the bios it got a little more stable, but it was still above 75 degrees under load. I bought an arctic cooling freezer pro 7 rev 2, turned turbo mode off in the bios and tested it with AIDA64 stability test, and still it got up to 70-72 degrees without any overclock, same with Far Cry 3 after 15 minutes (other games: witcher 2, crysis 3 remained at around 60 degrees).

I heard about the problems with rev 3 GA-990 boards, and turns out I got one of those. I don't know if I have any throttling issues, although during the test the clock did turn down to about 1400 Mhz for a second from time to time, if it counts at that.

I think this is a little bit too high temperature for a stock speed cpu with an aftermarket cooler, which according to amd should run under 62 degrees. Is this ok? Or can it be that the 990xa ud3 rev 3 VRM issues cause the heat?

idle temps are about 36-40 celsius
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    That temp is a little bit to high , but that board has a history of not doing well with the 8 cores.
  2. Do a RMA for your motherboard if possible.
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