Pc keeps shutting down after mins or hours

I recently build my pc, first build and it was happy that it post it after I was done but after installing win8 my pc has been shutting down out of nowhere. First time it did it was when I was downloading drivers for my gpu. I've tried almost everything but it doesn't seem to fix it. What I notice was that my mobo doesn't like having two sticks of ram, one stick improved the time it was on for hours but it still kept rebooting. I've tried diferent types of ram but the ram doesn't seem to be the problem. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be?

I7 4790k
Evga 780 sc
Gigabyte z97x udh5
Psu 750 rosewill capstone 80+gold
Ram: g.skill sniper 2x8gb 1866 ( using one stick)
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  1. How is it shutting down?
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    How is it shutting down?

    Black screen and reboots after 2-3 secs no bsod
  3. have you test your ram? ... memtest86+ is great
  4. Can't be the ram I used my old one from my old pc, I've haven't had problem with that pc other then the psu but got replaced and has been in good shape for 3 years now.
  5. Old ram from first pc did the same thing with new pc shut off in 30 mins or less
  6. Best answer
    Your power supply is old?

    The shut off is either a short , front panel connector problem or more likely a power supply problem .
    Is it under more load than it used to be?

    If your RAM is older too the problem you are having there migh be because of the voltage it is running at .
    Set it to an XMP profile running 1.5 volts .
  7. No I have two pcs this new build has everything new, I'm thinking that it might be my current psu I'm gona try to switch it out today. Could the mobo cause a shut down like this though?
  8. Psu is failing not enough voltage on 3.3v and 5v enough on the 12v to stay on a play for a couple of mins though or idle once it gets loaded with max out bf4 it shuts down. Buying a new one and getting a refund with this one
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