Can the Rosewill Blackhawk Midtower case fit a h100i or a NZXT X61?

I am planning to upgrade my PC, hopefully going to get a MAXIMUS VII and i7-4790K, planning to try out overclocking, heard some places that the h100i wouldn't fit, so not sure. My case is the Rosewill Blackhawk (non ultra). This is a video I saw:

Thanks in advance!
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    according to the video u have to cut a few thing to insatll the cooler in the cabinet.... the H100i will fit the cabinet but the NZXT x61 will not fit....
    it upto u whether i want to cut ur cabinet or go for a different cooler or a different cabinet.... here is a list of cooler tht will fit the Rosewill Blackhawk including the H100i....
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