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I am wanting to improve the performance of my low buget pc. Here are the specs

Bitfenix prodigy M case
Corsair cx600m
MSI A78M-E35 Motherboard
8gb Balistix sport ram
AMD X4 760K Cpu
Asus Nvidia gtx 660 2gb
WD 1tb caviar blue hdd
stock cooler (cpu)

I am going to get a water cooler and i wish to know if 600w is enough for gtx660 sli or is there a better way to upgrade (ssd or something)
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  1. What about your current setup are you unhappy with? Is it that you want more details and effects, or are you unhappy with framerates? Your rig isn't bad at all btw
  2. Your motherboard will not support SLI!
    If you want better performance, upgrade your GPU to a GTX 770 or above, or an R9 280 or better.
    Best of luck! :)
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    Depends on budget and what you're dissatisfied with (as LucoTF suggests).

    Cheapest thing to do:
    Get an aftermarket cooler and overclock the cpu, and overclock the gpu a bit.
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