Best for gaming? Core i5 2500k or amd fx-8350?

Guys I am upgrading my PC so I want to know that which is best core i5 2500k (2nd generation) and fx-8350 (8 cores) so which one is good?
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  1. you dont need 8 cores for gaming though. you can go cheaper on the AMD one.
  2. If you overclocked that Sandybridge i5 it would be a strong performer indeed
  3. What means of overlook and sandybridge? And will this 2500k i5 run cs go.. if yes what will be fps?
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    This is a guide to overclocking that processor

    Overclocking means to increase the speed of your processor by overriding some of the settings, processors with a "K" on the end are designed for overclocking. Overclocking can significantly improve performance but you usually have to supply the processor with more voltage and this increases its running temperature.

    If you don't plan to overclock get the 8350. With the 8350 paired with a 970 motherboard you will get some extra stuff like SATA III and USB 3.0 support unlike the older Intel motherboards for that Sandybridge processor.

    Sandybridge is just the name of the processor series, the latest Intel i5's are called Haswell and the new ones due out next year will be called Broadwell.

    Finally, both those will play CS:GO nicely
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