A replacement PSU for a Corsair CX750m

Hey guys. I was wondering if you thought this is better than the one I have right now, I have been given two Corsair PSUs and both have bad coil whine.

EVGA SuperNOVA 750W B1 Bronze 80 Semi Modular Power Supply (Is this one alot better and more reliable?)

What do you think, I need a Modular PSU that's 750w and 80+ with very high reliability that I can buy from Amazon since alot of places don't accept my card.
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 750W B2 or even better this: EVGA SuperNOVA G2.
  2. The EVGA B1 and G1 aren't very good, but the G2 and B2 are amazing. See if you can afford either one of them. :)
  3. I can, don't worry. :D G2 it is. I am sick of buzzing coils from Corsair.
  4. Hi, what's your budget? There are no reviews of that model that I can find. I know the OEM is FSP who are usually pretty good and I've heard the B2 version is good but I don't know about the B1.
  5. Good choice. I have a G2 and love it.
  6. No budget. Almost infinite amount to spend on the pc.
  7. Great. I hope I don't get coil whine with it, Corsair customer service is terrible.
  8. Lucky you! Get the G2 for sure!
  9. Thanks for the fast answers guys. Going to go order it now. :3
  10. Mine has a TINY bit of coil whine if I put my ear right up to the back of it, but this is normal for any PSU. It's impossible to hear otherwise.
    The fan doesn't even spin under load for me, because my rig doesn't draw much power and it can stay cool. :D
  11. Yea but this coil whine i get from the 750m I have now can be heard while its under the desk and over the top of game play sound.
  12. Wow, that's horrible... Damn CX series never fail to disappoint.
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