Which software is the best for overclocking cpu?

And i prefer it to be a software, i dont want to do it from the BIOS..
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  1. Stick with the manufactures tools, Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility for intel,

    AMD overdrive for AMD.
  2. xxisubzeroixx said:
    Stick with the manufactures tools, Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility for intel,

    AMD overdrive for AMD.

    I cant. I have intel dual core e5300 and it says that its unsupported software when i try to install it..
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    Overclocking utilities are MoBo specific .... they come with the Motherboard so it's not like you have a choice. They are not really "software", they are simply utilities that allow you to adjust BIOS settings from inside Windows. Think of it as akin to your TV Remote; instead of changing the channel on the TV dial or buttons, the remote simulates you doing just that.

    A "generic" utility to cover all boards would be a Herculean task. These utilities fall into two categories.

    1. Just like the above TV example...... changing a setting thru BIOS or Windows is the exact same thing just pushing a different button. Back in the day, this was frowned upon but most of the kinks have been worked out and is mostly indistinguishable from setting the same thing in the BIOS. I sometimes use for testing purposes but always go back into the BIOS and do the final settings myself.

    2. The 2nd are the tuning utilities like the 1 click feature (4-way optimization) for Asus boards described below

    Again, for Asus boards only and it does a pretty good job......

    -Does it work all the time ? No
    -Does it get you the best possible OC ? No.
    -Will it use the lowest safe voltages ? No.

    Asus has tested well over 1,000 CPUs and what they have done is figure that a certain % of CPUs will work at a given OC with certain settings. So it plugs those in and "gives it a shot". If it works, it's says it passed.... if it doesn't it tries again until it finds something that works.
  4. Overclocking is always best done manually, there are plaent of guides around and it's not as intimidating as you might think.
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