Be Quiet 530w Psu enough for gtx 760 Sc ?

Hi . I have asked this before but i need to be sure . So on my rig i have an i5 4670(non k),gtx 650 ti oc, Aftermarket Be quiet dark rock 3 cpu cooler, 2 case fans, 1 hdd and 2 stick of rams which all these are
powered by a be quiet pure power 530w psu and im planning to upgrade my gpu. So can my current psu handle a evga gtx 760 Sc on full load without any problems ?
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  1. I'd recommend you upgrade to a 600W, just in case, but theortecially, 530W should be okay
  2. Yes, that PSU should be sufficient to meet your needs. No worries.
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    reccomended psu wattage for that model is 500w, so yes, it would work well as be quiet! psu are stabile and reliable.
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