MSI GT70 Dominator Pro 890 adding a SSD

Hi all,

Just ordered one of these and its spec'd out minus the SSD. Does anyone know if this takes msata or a sata SSD? I would like to order it now before the laptop arrives.

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    I believe it takes both, since they are high performance laptops.
  2. Thats what i'm thinking but I just want to be sure. I'm assuming there should be at least 2 more open slots.
  3. The laptop comes with 2 2.5" drive-bays to use with msata you need the daughter board addon.
  4. I bought a Samsung mSATA 250 gig SSD Evo 840 and was told later by the guy who sold it to me it was the wrong one when he took off the back to install it. Were we looking at the wrong upgrade spot? The spot he thought it went into was in a large space in the lower right corner. Just want the right hardware!
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