Overclocking i5-4670k with Seidon 120v Cooler Master

Hello everyone

as you can see from the title I want to Overclock i5-4670k with Seidon 120v Cooler Master but my motherboard support 4GHz and above ... ( I have no experience )

Motherboard : AsRock Z97 Pro4

should i download a software to overclock it and what is the overclocking limit for this liquid cooler (Seidon 120v Cooler Master)

I need a simple explaining because that's my first time overclocking my CPU

thanks ^^,
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    First of all don't expect anything crzy Seidon 120v is a low performance water cooler, Cooler Master 212evo si the same as the Seidon 120v.
    Second of all, You will need these programs :
    HWmonitor - to monitor temperatures and voltages
    Cpu Z - to check the clock speed
    Prime95 - to stress the cpu out

    Overcloking is done in the BIOS and its done by rising the multiplayer, and raising the voltage.
    So restart you computer and press the key that you need to enter the bios.
    Turn off all the power saving options and go to the advanced bios you should see a CPU frequency multiplayer, raise it by one adding 100mhz save the settings boot into your desktop check the speeds in Cpu Z and run Prime95 for 10-15mimutes while watching the temepratures using HWMonitor if everything is stable and your temps are under 85 degress C go ahead and add 100mhz in the BIOS, basicaly keep doing that until you encounter a BSOD, if that happends leave the clock speed the same just add 0.05v to the core if everything is stable again and you're not hitting 80-85 degrees you can continue raising the frequency, at the end you will encounter either the point where you temps just out of control or you need to add alot of voltage for one hundred mhz when that happends just go back a little and there you go, you did it.

    Overcloking is time consuming so be ready to spend an hour or two in the BIOS, best of luck!
  2. Again don't use prime95 for haswell.
  3. mastergup said:
    Again don't use prime95 for haswell.

    In that case, what should you use for haswell? Aida64?
  4. tomkis90 said:
    mastergup said:
    Again don't use prime95 for haswell.

    In that case, what should you use for haswell? Aida64?

    Yes Aida64, intel burn test, linx64.
    But no prime95 version 28.0 and higher, because it will make your temps getting to the roof.
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