Can't change Boot Priority to USB using ASUS z87k ... why?

I wanna install Win7 from pendrive. For that I made that bootable using WinToFlash. That's okay ...

But can't change the boot priority in bios. :'( Tried many times, but still can't find a solid solution. I did google that, but most of the time I got results related with GB Mobo & that's not okay for me. :/

When I get access to BIOS, I see a option Boot Priority in the lower part of the screen.

Here is a screenshot taken from youtube -

I see three boxes under the Boot Priority option (marked in the photo) - 0. DVDrom; 1. My 2nd HDD; 2. The Bootable Pendrive.

I always drag the pendrive box to the 1st place from left. THEN I FIND NOTHING TO DO.

Because if I go to the Exit button, There shows three option.

1. Save Changes & quit

2. Discard changes & quit

3. Advanced Mode

I always click the 1st option. BUT then it says "there is not any changes made. Wanna quit?" I click yes ... then everything ones normal just like a regular day. That means, it doesn't boot from the USB. :(

You have any solution guys? Please help me!!

My Configuration -

Processor i5 4570
Mobo ASUS z87k
Ram G.Skill Ripjaws 8 GB
GFX Card Gigabyte GTX 770
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Update your BIOS and try again.

    Sorry Bro ... didn't help it! :'(
  2. SSD or normal hdd, UEFI Bios?
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