Need help Please. Windows Vista Wont Connect To The Internet.

Hi i have a windows vista home basic 32 bit os. The computer used to connect to the internet but now it wont after i got a new modem from my isp. The modem is a router and modem in one. I still have the old router but no the old modem. If i set the router to automatically find ip and dns i get a 169. Whatever number as my ip. But if i put in it can ping my router and go to the router page but not the internet it wont ping in the corner it says local only internet. Help Please.
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    If you're getting a 169.x.x.x IP address, you computer isn't getting a response on DHCP from your router. I'm a little confused as to what your current setup is. Do you have a connection outside into the modem, the router connected as a host on the modem, and your computer as a host on the router? If so, I would guess that DHCP has somehow been turned off on the router, so you may have to set up a static IP to get into the router and turn the DHCP settings back on.

    For more help, please provide the following:
    Is this a correct layout of your network? Internet > Modem > Router > Computer
    If you are able to log in to the router page, please include the IP address the router has as its outbound address, as well as what the settings are for DHCP.
  2. Ok sorry but my current setup is wired and my computer is connected to my all in one router and modem and the modem goes to my dsl provider witch in my case is windstream. Also i had a windows xp computer it was wired and it worked but my vista isnt working. The internet is fine just to get that out of the way i have a tablet,about 3 phones,and an xbox and more that connect to the wireless. If i manually input the router settings in my computer the router can find the computer but their is still no internet connection.

    I started a new thread go read that one
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