Clevo p170sm huge performance issue

Hey, i travel alot and i use alot of rendering programs that i need for my work and i also love my games, the problem is really that i dont know whats going on with my laptop (clevo p170sm) after ~2 years of running games ad rendering things fine, started giving me troubles, games need to be on lowest settings to run and still then alot of lag and low fps, even when i close EVERYTHING running on the background it still does this, also i should mention that i literally cant open more than 1 youtube videos or 1 twitch streams or it will lag like hell and complete freeze everything, spotify cannot be running along side any game or it will lag even more i mean.. i would love some kid of help because ive tried everything.

Specs: i7 3610QM
RAM: 16gb
Geforce gtx 680m

P.S- yes i have changed the programs to run with the nvidea graphics and not the integrated gpu
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  1. what have you tried?
    replacing the ram?
    blowing out the dust?
    replacing TIM?
    reinstalling OS?
  2. ok not "everything" but "a few" , taking the dust out yes, i wasnt planning on replacing anything for a couple more years, and reinstalling the OS would be a big problem as i have alot of files
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    I would say that re-installing Windows would be your best option. Your hardware is definitely up to the task (unless they are failing) so you technically should not have any problems. Barring hardware failure, I would say that Windows 8 be have gotten corrupted over time or the Windows Registry file is corrupted / too bloated with excess key entries.

    A clean install should take card of software related issues. If you have a lot of important data files then you should back them up either on to the D: Drive assuming your hard drive has a D: partition, or to an external hard drive. After doing so you should re-install Windows.

    After Windows has been reinstalled / updated and all your programs have been installed as well, I recommend you make an image of your C: drive so that you do not have to go through the entire process again. I Use the free version of Macrium Reflect to make images of the C: drive on my laptops and desktops. The next time you need to / want to do a fresh install of Windows and your programs you will not have to do it all from the beginning.
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