Second HDD Only Shows-Up if I Plug Into CD-ROM Port on Board


I'm trying to install a second HDD, however, it only shows up if I plug into the port where the CD-ROM is plugged into. The master (or HDD that came with the PC) is plugged in port 0 (which is blue in color), the CD-ROM drive is plugged into port 1 (which is black in color). There are two more ports available (2 and 3) on the board, port 2 is white and port 3 is black.

If I plug the second HDD into the port that the CD-ROM was plugged into the HDD shows up but then the CD-Rom drive fails to show-up if I plug it into either one of the other open ports. Likewise, if I plug the HDD into either one of the open ports and leave the CD-ROM plugged into port 1 then the second HDD it fails to show-up.

Desktop PC Specs are as follows:

Off the shelf Dell Inspiron 660 (new)

Windows 8.1 64 bit

Processor number: i5-3330

Processor Interface: FCLGA1155

Additional Info:

When I go into disk management disk 0 shows as OS (C) which is correct...Disk 1 shows up as Removable (D) which is the multi-card reader (when I click on properties, under the general tab it shows Location: on USB Mass Storage Device), CD-ROM 0 DVD (E) which is the physical CD-Rom Drive and CD-ROM 1 DVD (F) which is the Virtual CD-Rom are all showing-up which is the way they were all showing-up before installing the secondary HDD. The only thing not showing is the secondary HDD.

Do I have to enable open ports, If so, how do I go about that?

Any help would be appreciated!


I wanted to update the above to inform anyone that may respond that I solved the issue, I don't really know how, all I can say is that I went into the BIOS and in fact it was showing the drive in the port (port 2) I had it plugged into.

Since it was showing up in the BIOS I really didn't know what else to do and I exited the BIOS, when the PC booted into Windows after exiting the BIOS it was showing in disk management at which point I initialized the disk. The drive is now showing-up in the "My PC" view as well as device manager...

Maybe the above will help others that encounter a similar issue
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