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I am planning to do an upgrade to a define r4 and I'm going intel. I would like to have a black and white color scheme. I want to use Asus dog but its black and red. So I looked into motherboard painting I wasn't sure if I should do it or how to do it because not many people do this stuff. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I would not recommend painting your heatsinks by hand unless you really know what you are doing. FrozenCPU is the best place to go for such modifications (or really any to be honest). Also don't forget your sleeved cables too (Silverstone has some fine white ones (on newegg) but Bitfenix Alchemy Cables are usually the best presleeved cables to get. But they're a bit pricey as well as hard to find (but they are available at FrozenCPU.)
  2. Also if you're not going to use a closed loop liquid cooler, the best air cooler to get (that looks sexy in an R4 is the PH-TC14PE_BK, which also happens to be one of the highest rated air coolers out there.
  3. ive seen people do it it looks very well and its their first time also. that cpu cooler is not in my price range and i also found an all black mobo. even if i were to paint the mobo i woud remove the heat sinks and spray them individually. the black mobo:
  4. is that mobo gud
  5. The layout is fine I suppose and they really do test their black edition stuff surprisingly. For a nifty looking upgrade I'd go for it.
  6. Also, I too was originally going to go with a black and white themed R4, but the G45 was on sale so I picked it up and went red and black instead. Here's my PC if you want an example of a red and black themed build.
  7. yes thanks
  8. and fyi ur cpuz isnt a i5
  9. I keep that it in my signature because I used to own an FX 8350 and I have fond memories of it. So I just keep it in my signature and stuff I guess.
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