Did I break my 780m? ( safe temperatures and no voltage changes )

So I was just playing AC black flag, and decided to use MSI afterburner for the first time since the game runs kind of bad.

I wanted to see how far I could go, and there seemed to be no issues whatsoever when I ended up setting it to 120+ MHZ, however when I changed it from 120 to 135 MHZ ( and also changed the memory clock speed a bit ) the game just crashed.

Then when I booted it back up, my GPU was stuck at 324 MZH, even when trying other games. This really bothers me because the temperatures didn't go above 73c ( I've seen people go over 90 ), and I didn't change the voltages.

My laptop is connected, and both the windows and Nvidia power options are set to optimal.

Did I just break my card or is there something I can do to reverse this?
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  1. Looks like you broke it. Overclocking overheated it and damaged it.

    You need to read up a lot before even trying to overclock. Then you should only do it in small steps - testing it as you go.

    Try enabling reset in afterburner.
  2. I don't really understand, you're telling me my GPU overheated while being 20c degrees below it's maximum temperature? And I did actually read up quite a bit on overclocking...I didn't use any extreme numbers and I've seen other people reach higher overclocks than mine ( without bios flashes ), yet for me it didn't work.

    Not saying I didn't do anything wrong, because I defenitely...I'm just wondering what exactly caused the problem.
  3. You shouldn't overclock laptops. They get too hot without overclocking.

    Try enabling reset in afterburner.
  4. Well thanks for not answering or listening than I guess. Anyways, enabling reset doesn't work. Thanks anyways.
  5. Ok then its broke. If it's a soldered in chip, you'll need to get another board which'll cost as much as a new laptop. Hope its clipped in.
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    A buddy of mine had this issue with the same card on his Razer Pro. Funny thing is he was golden for almost two weeks before the GPU finally fried. As Baby said, laptops aren't meant to be overclocked much if at all as they generally have terrible ventilation issues and poor cooling systems. As far as I know the 780M is soldered in, which means you're pretty much screwed. I'd get a whole new rig as this point as if you're overclocking you're clearly looking for a performance boost, and next time you do it make sure you take baby steps or you'll relive this nightmare all over again.
  7. Actually, turned out that doing a re-install of windows solved the problems ( re-installing drivers didn't work but I probably could've saved some time deleting old driver data using some program called DDU or something instead of re-installing windows. ).

    Currently overclocking at +300Mhz memory clock and +130 core clock with no issues whatsoever and very acceptable temperatures, apparently these driver crashes aren't too uncommon.
  8. That's fantastic, I'd be ecstatic if I found out my GPU wasn't fried. +300Mhz should be fine.

    Any ideas of the benchmarks you're going for here?
  9. Well so far there's no big differences, I'm playing black flag which is kind of poorly optimized to begin with. I don't have any numbers but the increase in FPS is noticable I guess.
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