Minecraft: Read Time Out

This ONLY happens on tekkit servers, I have only tried on one tekkit server, but anytime I join the server it says "Logging in..." For about 20 seconds, then goes straight to a dirt background that says "Internal Exception: Read Time Out." There is no error log in my .technic directory, no crash reports, nothing. This happened today as I was playing normally then randomly got booted for this error and it has not gone away.

Steps I have taken:
-Resetting the Router
-Restarting internet
-restarting PC
-Restarting Tekkit
-reinstalling tekkit
-Uninstalling/reinstalling java 64 bit newest version
-Had the server restarted by the owners
-I have verified others can connect, there are 10-30 players on at all times, and I have been able to connect before
-I can ping and connect to the server, it says in chat that I connect and disconnect according to other online players but my screen never shows it.


Internet Speed Test:
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  1. Tekkit is new and only doing Beta testing. I'd say it's a problem at their end.
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    I found the answer out. It was my connection trying to send corrupt packets, I reset my entire connection.
  3. That's good.
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