fx 4350 and two-way SLI gtx 760

whould cpu or gpu bottleneck on either of each other?
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  1. Yes!
  2. you are the boss here, blackbird. then tell me and don't fool around!
  3. I just try to help . I love to help others with tech. :D
  4. aslo do i, i am a pc expert but havent found any benchmarks for that specific cpu! and wich one will bottleneck?
  5. go for an intel i5 or a 6300 or higher because the cpu will bottleneck your system
  6. as sead above i am a expert in pc components but wanted to know if the fx-4350 would bottleneck the 760's, as i did not find fx-4350 or other amd cpu benchmarks, also it has to be a AM3+ cpu.
  7. The FX-4350 would be fine with a single GTX-760. It's not an exact science, more an educated guess since you will rarely find benchmarks that confirm bottle necking with that exact hardware.
  8. that is true, people with IRL experience maybe knew i thought, but now i wonder if anyone could suggest a AM3+ cpu that won't bottleneck 2-way SLI with GTX760's, and rather one with a tdp under 180w
  9. FX8350 would pair well with 2 - 760's.
  10. i thought so from the beginning, but wasent sure. i guess i can trust the top dog
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    The 4350 is fairly darn weak tbh
    You have to remember that even though it's marketed as a quad-core, in actuality it's a dual-core chip.
    The same scales linearly with the rest of the FX line.

    AMD uses 'modules' over traditional physical cores. It's quite an interesting die-design. It means for each physical core, or 'module' there's 2 logical cores inside it. They're smaller and less efficient than a large physical core and they share the same cache with each other, but they get the job done.
    The 4350 then, uses two of them.
    6350 - 3.
    and, 8350 - 4.

    The reason it's not so great is purely down to their poor efficiency. They're small cores and as such don't perform that well on their own. The 8350 however, having 8 modules performs pretty decently, but I wouldn't go for anything below that.

    With a half-decent AM3+ board you could easily pop in 'said 8350 and have it work straight away. It consumes a bit more power but I'm sure even the most basic of power supplies can handle it.
    (Especially if you're considering a second card).

    Two 760s would be quite a nice setup, something I don't think the 4350 could handle on its own. I'm not sure about the 8350, but it should be alright.
  12. thank you for giving me a anwser and not fucking around like the rest,:)
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