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So I live in a 3 story apartment and there are about 7-8 internet connections that my computer can detect in this apartment. I plan on getting internet with wifi. Can my neighbors internet interfere with my own internet connection? Would it get slower if there are so many internet signals?
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  1. Yes and yes.

    If your apartment is small-ish, get a new AC router and use the 5GHz of it, there will be less interference for a while but you give up distance.
  2. What if my neighbors also use 5ghz connections? I have a N600 db router, but Im planning on getting a AC300 usb wifi adapter.
    Are both N and AC compatible?
  3. Use a wired connection. If you can't, use powerline ethernet adapters.
  4. There's a lot more spectrum available in the 5GHz band than in the 2.4GHz.
  5. N is 2.4GHz - most devices will run on it.

    Newer ones have the 5GHz

    Most new routers will run both at the same time as well...
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    If you have a smartphone you can get apps that will check the different wifi channels in use. Set your router to the least used channel.

    For Android, WiFi Analyzer is a good app. If you start it up you'll see what I mean by channels in use.

    For 2.4Ghz, channels to use are 1,6, or 11.

    Not many people use the 5Ghz channels yet, so good to use that.

    Some devices cannot use the 5ghz channels yet however, and 5Ghz does not go thru walls as well.

    If you are getting an AC300 adapter, you'll be able to connect to just about anything (backwards compatible to older networks).
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