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Help, I just got a new computer that literally just came in. I booted it up and accidentally shut it down by pressing the power button and every time I start it, it either goes to a windows logo or it just says preparing automatically repair. I can't to anything. I tried unplugging, using windows reinstall disk, to no avail. Help. My specs are and fx 8320 3.5 GHz, nvidia geforce gtx 650 1gb and 8 GB ram with windows 8. Please help.
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  1. If it just came in, that sounds like you ordered it. I would call the tech support for whoever you ordered from instead of asking the internet to fix it.
  2. What does the safeboot (f8) tell you?
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    Can you see the option highlighted option as 'start windows normally' ? Is there any option something like 'Launch start up repair? If yes, then select it and let windows fix it.
    If these doesn't help,then do a clean windows installation.
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