i5 3450 + EVGA GeForce GTX760 SuperClocked + 8 Gb ram = next gen at very high to ultra with AA and AO off

is this combo is good ?? no amd please
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  1. I would get current gen i3 and 280X for next gen ultra
  2. bro my mobo doesn't have the socket for current gen i3 am using a i3 2120 now with asus gts 450 but soon will upgrade and i don't like 280x it got issues
  3. Well get a 770 and, say, a Sandy Bridge 2500k or 2600k and overclock that, or if you have a no OC MB a Xenon v2 (or v1, I forgot) (Guaranteed To work on your MB).
  4. dude nice suggestion i really want to upgrade to this but a 770 is 26,000 in India and that processor is 16,000 these two are way over my budget
    and also as i mentioned above i don't want to set AA or Ambient occlusion high except other settings. and also i want an average frame rate upto 50 FPS
    can my specs touch that ??
    these two are nearly same in everything except overclocking and price
  6. What is your MB? And what games?
  7. asus P8H61-M LX3 R2.0
    and games like AC unity, dragon age Inquisition, watch dogs, wolfenstein the new order,middle earth shadow of mordor, witcher 3,far cry 4, the crew, dead rising 3,gta 5 ,call of duty AW.............................
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    Alright, I think you can just get a 760 and 8 GB ram now and save up to another upgrade later. (no need for the new i5, but you can always buy it later if it bottlenecks)
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