Best 1080/1200 IPS monitor for gaming within $300 budget?

Currently have a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW, looking for something better. While I've heard IPS panels produce beautiful images, I do know these aren't quite as fast as a TN panel for gaming. As I am no professional gamer, will it be very noticeable for me?

Within a $300 budget, what's the best IPS panel I can get? Primarily for surfing and gaming, some Photoshop/Adobe Suite usage.

Heard good things about the Dell U2412M and a few Asus IPS monitors, but please let me know what you guys think. All advice or suggestions are appreciated.
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    the Dell U2412M is a good monitor.... within ur budget the dell is good but i think Asus is better....

    link for purchase of dell U2412M

    u can also go for a Asus PA248Q

    Link for purchase of Asus PA248Q....

  2. Curious as to why the Asus is better?

    Any other suggestions?

    comparison between both the monitors....

    do see the images and u ill knw y i said the Asus.... (the price is high on newegg but u will get it cheaper on amazon)

    but still it totally upto u.... buy the one which fits ur budget....

    u can hav a look at ACER GN246HLBBID....
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