Does it matter anymore? standard motherboards vs gaming motherboards.

I currently have a Asus H81M-A Socket 1150, which is one of the cheapest boards around, im running an i7 4770k @4.5ghz and a r9 290 asus cu II.

Im having no problems gaming, no stutter no thermal throttling, maybe im a marketing sucker but what would i get by changing the motherboard to a Asus MAXIMUS VII RANGER Z97 Socket 1150?

What improvements would i get?
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  1. 2 more RAM slots, supposedly better onboard audio (who knows on this one), and enough PCIe slots to Quad-SLI/Crossfire. Also the ridiculous aesthetics, too.
  2. I work in IT and back in the day the chipset mattered and the ram type but now adays as you said i mean i dont understand how you can run high end gear on a cheap motherboard absolutely fine.

    But your answer doesn't really answer my question, will i see (if any) performance improvements?
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    not unless you decide to get multiple graphics cards or overclock a CPU someday. Motherboards don;t tend to offer performance differences, only more features ect.. Features from multiple graphics cards in certain configurations (X16/X8, X8/X8 ect..) to CPU overclocking - high achievable clock speeds.

    That CPU with that board you would get better overclocking, but you'd most likely want a good CPU cooler to go with it. The Asus ROG brands are overpriced for their bling, they are covered in nice looking things to make you love them, and then stick some ROG stickers on and have the cool RED/Black theme. If you want back to basics but has the lot, look at Gigabyte Z97's or ASRock Z97's.
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