Hyper 212 Evo and Msi z87-G45 gaming motherboard <URGENT>

Hi, I was installing my Hyper 212 Evo when i put to much thermal paste on, In my haste to stop it coming out, i moved it over my motherboard and got a tiny bit on the board, I hastily removed it with an ear bud, But there were these TINY indents to the right of the socket, Which had a even smaller amount of grey on them, I tried removing it though and it would come off with an ear bud, Is it thermal paste?
Also i scraped some off with a credit card and there is now a thick, tripe of themal paste across approximately 1/3rd of the cpu, I have tried spreading it out more with a credit card but it won't spread, Should i remove it with 99% Isopropic alcohol and do it again or just but the cooler on?
Should i be fine to carry on or will it blow the board?
(I used the thermal paste with the Evo?
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  1. Just to say, I haven't put the board in my case yet.
  2. Also the indents were circular, in a O shape, with a bit of grey lining the inside of it.
  3. i would clean it off and start fresh (grain of rice method) clean as much off the board as you possibly can, all thermal compounds are practically the same maybe 1 or 2 degrees different the stuff that comes with the cooler will do just fine :)
  4. What about the tiny specs on the board (3 of them)
  5. How should i get them off (I tried with an ear bud and none came off)
  6. Most heatsink grease is non-conductive. But if you're using one of the silver based greases, then you may have a problem. Silver grease is only a little conductive so it's unlikely to cause a short.
  7. But is their anyway i can get it off?
  8. Littlesackninja said:
    How should i get them off (I tried with an ear bud and none came off)

    you should be fine :??:
  9. dip the ear bud into the alcohol not too much squeeze it off and see if it cleans it up
  10. Is 90% Isopropic alcohol conductive? will it short the board if i get a tiny bit on it?
  11. no, it dries in seconds you'll be fine have faith my friend :)
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