Possible to Hook up PC to TV?

I have a slimline Dell XPS 210, and was curious if I could even hook it up to my TV and use the internet that way. I'm not sure if it needs an HDMI cable - I know this PC is archaic by 2014 standards, but still wanted to just see if it was possible. Any suggestions?
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  1. Just get the cable that connects your pc to your monitor and use it on your tv instead :)
  2. as long as your tv and videocard have the same output: (VGA, HDMI - DVI - DVID) you just need the cable to connect it and everything will work.
    a tv is just a monitor, but sometimes it has a different cable, for tv's the most common cable is HDMI, pretty much every tv has one these days.
    your best bet would be to check if you tv has a HDMI cable, and then just plug it into your videocard output.
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