Intel Pentium G3258 4.6 ghz vs i5 4690k 4.6 ghz

I dont know wich one I should choose, the pentium or i5, if I choose i5 then I cant have better parts for the rest of the system. I want to have a gtx 780 to. If there is a 10 fps difference then I maybe want to have a pentium
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  1. The i5 will blow that Pentium out of that water.
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    The Pentium will probably not bottleneck but it's far down the road of the i5. It just isn't really designed for gaming purposes. You can go ahead and see a video by Linus over here- to see the benchmarks he finds (even though he is comparing an i7 and Pentium) but you can clearly see that the Pentium does not have much flaws and in terms of benchmarks it does affect your fps by a bit. But you can easily overclock the Pentium and get a 4.7 GHz oveclock with load temps only around 40-45 degrees Celsius (Because it's only 2 cores and Pentium processors are a bit more efficient). Normally, if you were using this machine for gaming purposes I'd say to save up for an i5 but because the CPU itself is close to 200 dollars more, it is questionable.

    Bottom Line: Go get the Pentium if you are really tight on budget but it may bottleneck and be a lot less future-proof than the i5. Truth is that the Pentium actually beats AMD's 4 core processors even with two cores so that's good to hear at only 75 bucks we're talking.

    EDIT: Look at these benchmarks, the Pentium will have A LOT of power at a low price. just overclock it and you are good to go:

    Then again, there is a massive bottleneck with a 780ti:
  3. Zuhayr378 said:

    Then again, there is a massive bottleneck with a 780ti:

    Woud a G3258 bottleneck a 960 or 970?
  4. Duncan Tallon said:
    Zuhayr378 said:

    Then again, there is a massive bottleneck with a 780ti:

    Woud a G3258 bottleneck a 960 or 970?

    Yes probably in most games. You would be better off with an i3 4160 or preferably the i5.
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    But, it is pretty amazing to see recent Intel CPU dies performing so differently...

    But, they're not. When looking at the benchmark graphs from the solved answer, it becomes evident that the real problem behind the varying degrees of system requirements for modern games falls squarely on the devs.

    Metro Last Light? i7 killed the G3258? @ 4.8 ghz? Pretty old game sorta?

    Yeah. It did.

    Thirty-somethings like myself remember learning to code with memory and capacity in mind.

    Apparently, the current crop of kids making games never learned The Art of The Tweak.

    Going on purely gut instinct, I'd say you're witnessing a great example of programmers actually doing an excellent job!

    Last Light is scaling on the i7, due to the fact that it has additional cores. Not only that, but I'd also speculate that you would see a significant effect on this result if you were to tamper with the Hyper Threading capabilities.

    This further solidifies any doubt:

    1. That devs have become lazy. They often seem to fall back on features such as core emulation and load balancing to mitigate the inefficient coding and memory utilization.

    2. That game developers are lazy. Crap, sorry, I lost my place.

    .. Wait.. No.. Actually I didn't.
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