Replacing a New Hard Drive for Windows 8.1

I have Aspire 5735 Laptop it came with Windows Vista
Then I upgraded to Window 8 and after that Windows 8.1.
AT the moment laptop is very slow as it has 3gb RAM and 120gb hard drive. I want to upgrade it to 4gb RAM and 500gb Hard Drive.

I don't have any media to reinstall my windows 8.1

I went through many websites but still not clear idea about how this replacement can be perform, I am clear about RAM installation but confused replacement of Hard drive

Could anyone please help me what should I do with step by step guide?
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    use a cable like this and clone the entire120GB drive to the new 500GB drive.

    then turn off the computer and change the drive.

    boot of the new drive and you should be ready to go, no need to reinstall anything.
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