NZT H440 --- P + LED and P - LED with MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Motherboard

Hi, I'm have "nearly" finished my computer, I am a bit confused where the P + Led cable which came with the case along with the - version, plug into the motherboard.
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  1. Page 1-26 of your MB manual shows it pretty clear. They go on JFPI.
  2. OK, I haven't installed my team yet so when I turned on my computer it stayed on for about 10 second and then turned off, but then it turned on by itself and it becomes a cycle, is this normal?
  3. Littlesackninja said:
    OK, I haven't installed my team yet...

    What does that mean?
  4. Ram, Spell check sucks on a mac
  5. Best answer
    Littlesackninja said:
    Ram, Spell check sucks on a mac

    Lol... Yeah, I got an Iphone. Same thing.
    Yes, w/o memory, the system will turn on and then turn off. Cycling may also be possible.
  6. Is the JFPI the same as the JFP2?
  7. Littlesackninja said:
    Is the JFPI the same as the JFP2?

    No. Again... use your manual. page 1-26 of the motherboard manual shows the 2 distinct headers; JFP1 and JFP2. And the sketch shows where they are located.
    Page 2-11 of the manual shows how you simply plug in your front panel wires to the handy adapter that makes it easier to connect the tiny wires. I wish all MBs would supply one of those.

    If you want a overview of the entire MB look on page 1-7. That will show where headers are at a glance. If the manual they supplied is too small to read, you can download a PDF version here:
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