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Hi, I have a small flat screen tv I would like to use as my second monitor. It has HDMI, and VGA inputs and my video card has 2 DVI and a mini-HDMI output. I'm assuming I'm going to want to make use of the HDMI input on the tv, so what is my best option for converting: mini-HDMI to HDMI or DVI to HDMI? My main monitor runs off one of the DVI outputs on my video card. I'm worried about the picture completely covering the tv screen which seems to be a common problem with tvs.
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  1. Either get a DVI to HDMI adapter or mini HDMI to HDMI adapter. HDMI will carry audio so you can use your TV speakers if you want, where as DVI will not.

    Check to see if your TV has a gaming mode in it's menu or not, if it does it will help to reduce/eliminate mouse input lag.

    Not sure what you mean by the picture completely covering the TV screen.
  2. I mean there is a black border around all 4 sides of the image seen on screen on the tv.
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    am10159 said:
    I mean there is a black border around all 4 sides of the image seen on screen on the tv.

    Sounds like a resolution issue, I personally haven't had this happen and I use my laptop to connect to my TV. I think you will be fine if you connect with HDMI. I bet the problem has to do with TVs limiting the resolution when using a VGA or S-video connection, if you read most TV manuals that are 1080p, you can only get full 1080p when using HDMI. On top of that you might need to set the TVs screen mode to 'full' or 'stretch' something along those lines for the image to be true to your PC.

    I suggest reading the manual that came with your TV to find if it has any of these settings which need to be touched.
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