How to access remote GO! On an Asus Z97-A mobo?

Hi everyone, I recently built an Asus Z97-A computer. It is working great. Now I just want to install the features, such as the Asus Cloud, Remote GO! And others.

I can't find any way to install or access those features. I've searched for lots of tutorials and forum advice, but I haven't found anything- not even a driver for the Remote Desktop. If you know how I can install those features I would really appreciate the help. Thank you so much!
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    Download Asus AI Suite for your operating system (it's under 'utilities'):
  2. Eduello said:
    Download Asus AI Suite for your operating system (it's under 'utilities'):

    Awesome- thanks! If I install dual intelligent processors or allow the BIOS update to install through the AI Suite, or update the EZ Tuner will it overclock? I accidentally stumbled upon the EZ Tuner and unintentionally overclocked. The computer wouldn't start and I had a lot of trouble getting it working again. I'm hesitant to do anything with the BIOS or EZ Tuner now- is it ok to install the whole Suite?
    Thanks for the help!
  3. Yeah, it's OK to install them, just don't use those utilities if you have had bad experience with them. Also make sure to download Remote GO! on your phone/tablet as well.
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