Should I upgrade to a nvidia gtx 880 when it comes out? PLEASE HELP!!!

I recently upgraded to an evga gtc 780 3gb sc with acx cooler less than a month ago and I have a feeling that I should sell it and get and get a gtx 880 when it comes out. I am starting to worry that I made a bad decision buying the card this late. Could someone please tell me what you think I should do?
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  1. You probably won't be able to see much difference between the cards, but until it is released its performance is speculation. It is rumoured to perform between a 780 and 780ti. If you're playing on 1080p you won't see a change.
  2. high end cards tend to have high pricetag on launchday... usually drops a little for the 2nd half of their lifespan... and some companies tend to release revised cards with some improvements later as well... so i personally wouldn't be too worried
  3. I do not think a few more frames per second is worth the money lost after selling it. After all, 780 and 880 both are cards of the same category. The Ti versions differ quite a bit, but the normal X80 and (X+1)80 versions are almost comparable in performance.
  4. I was just would be a bit upset because I go the gtx 780 in early july and can still return it but i dont want to find out that the 880 is much more powerful and around the same price. i just dont want to think i wasted my money
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    Life doesn't wait for you. So why wait for something that might come in near future, while you could enjoy the 780 in the meantime? If you wait, you'll be waiting forever.
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