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I'm installing my hard drives now and would like some opinions on the optimal setup. I only have 2 SATA III ports and 5 SATA II ports. My OS drive is a SSD currently occupying 1 of the SATA III ports. I'm adding 2 WD Black WD3003FZEX drives to be used for video editing. I was planning on 1 for reading source data and 1 for writing the edited footage. Should I put both of these drives on the SATA II ports or would there be any benefit of putting 1 on my 2nd SATA III ports and the other on the SATA II?
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    After the SSD, it doesnt really matter. the SATA II is 3Gb/s while the III is 6Gb/s.

    those hard drive will prolly top out at 150-250MB/s either way
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