Random PC restarts and a sound problem

Hello , my name is Sadao

Lately my pc is restarting randomly and i don't know whats the problem and it worries me quite alot. I would really appriciate any kind of help given . ( Sorry for my weird/bad english :/ )

My Desktop Pc :
Ok my pc is really old .. like 5-6 years old ... and its manufactured.
GPU : ATI Radeon HD 3650
CPU : Intel Core Duo 2.53Ghz
OS : Windows 7 x64 bit

And about the sound problem. Whenever i restart my laptop for some reason i have to deactivate and reactivate my Audio from Device Manager .
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  1. The most common cause for random shutdowns/restarts on a PC that seems to otherwise works fine is the PSU dying.
  2. i see il try to check if my PSU is dying or not .
  3. apparently when i play flash player/ unity 3d games / java games or watch youtube videos or twitch streams then my pc mostly restarts . like some moments ago i was playing a unity 3d game and when i wanted to quit it crashed and my pc restarted? is there any chance that this is causing it ? because when i play LoL,Vindictus,etc my pc is mostly fine . and if thats the problem how can i fix ?
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    The problem with (dis)proving PSU issues without throwing parts at it is that the only way to do so is to hook up an oscilloscope and look at what happens on the supply rails in the milliseconds before the PC reboots. Few people can afford to buy a ~$600 oscilloscope just to take a look at that.

    Other things to check would be CPU and GPU temperatures - flash and Java games can be somewhat CPU-intensive, maybe your CPU is overheating. Get a system monitoring utility like HardwareMonitor/HardwareInfo/CPUTEMP and keep an eye on it as you do your stuff to have an idea of how hot the CPU and GPU were around the time the computer restarted. Under 70C for the CPU and 80C for the GPU is a bit toasty but generally still fine.
  5. thanks alot !! i just downloaded HWMonitor and my GPU is mostly over 70C but my CPU is like 40C max . il try to stay under 80C the best i can and if it restarts again i will post on the same thread !

    and about the sound problem . any suggestions? i will have to give the laptop to my sister and shes leaving on a week and i don't think she can disable and re-enable the audio so i think i will have to find a way to fix it !
  6. There probably is not much that can be done about the audio - there may be a bad solder joint or via on the motherboard that causes the audio chip to drop out every now and then or some other similar intermittent defect. I have a similar problem on my Compaq/HP laptop where the audio randomly cuts off and sometimes does not come back until a few shutdowns and reboots later.
  7. i see thanks alot for the help '^' ! i really appreciate it .
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