Dell Inspiron N7110 17R Video Chip


I have a Dell Inspiron N7110 17R Laptop,

Here are my specs:

8 GB DDR3 1033 RAM

750 GB HDD

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Intel Core i5-2450M Second gen Processor

Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics

(Supposedly) NVidia GeForce GT 525M Discrete GPU

I have been surfing the internet for the majority of the day and noticed that just about everyone with this laptop has a secondary NVidia GeForce GT 525M Discrete GPU that they can activate through the Optimus Control Panel.

I was wondering if this was a standard and I have this or not. There are no NVidia stickers anywhere on the machine nor are there any drivers for it. Most people said it was the chip that controls the external VGA plug and any monitos atached to the machine. I tried installing the drivers for it but they came up saying "Hardware is Not Compatible." Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much, Mike
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    go to dell's support website, enter in your service tag# and then you can see the exact specs for your particular laptop.
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