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Im currently looking for a great laptop to use as a student in the fall. Im mainly planning to use the basic programs like Microsoft office and do some intense web browsing. I currently have a high-performance PC so Im kinda spoiled when it comes to speeds from the RAM, CPU, and the SSD I have. But, battery life is what I probably need most, most likely 5+ hours is what I need. Im very comfortable with technology hardware and Im willing to upgrade the laptop to have a SSD. Also, MUST BE Windows 7 compatible! Can anyone reference a reliable one for less than $850

Edit:I'm looking for something no more than 1080p (preferably with ips). Screen size doesn't really matter as long as the specs are decent. I probably would mind for the Windows 7 and SSD being extra because I'm not going to be doing anything really intense because I'm gonna have a high performance pc back at my dorm.
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  1. What size are you looking for? standard 15'', or something smaller/larger? Do you require a 1080p screen or is 1366x768 okay? Will you be playing games on this laptop, or using high-CPU programs like Photoshop or video editing software? Does your budget have to pay for the downgrade to windows 7 and the SSD? Do you think you'll require a dedicated graphics card, or is most of your computing needs related to general purpose tasks?
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    The ASUS X550LN-DB71 15.6-Inch Laptop as seen here should be your best option.
    It has :
    Intel Core i7 4500U 1.8 GHz
    8 GB DDR3L-1600 MHz
    1 TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
    NVIDIA Geforce GT 840M
    15.6-Inch Screen,
    Windows 8.1
    6 hours battery life
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