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I have had my Toshiba satellite radius for about 2 months, it's been working great until today I turned it on and it have the usual loading screen, then "preparing automatic repair" appeared at the bottom. It then goes black, then a window resembling command prompt appears for a split second (also the number lock button flashes on and off, if that's relevant), then it takes me to a blue screen. The blue screen has these options: 1. Continue-exit and continue to windows 8.1. 2. Turn off your PC. 3. Use a device-use a USB drive, network connection, or Windows recovery DVD. 4. Troubleshoot-refresh or reset your PC, or use advanced tools.
When I select continue, it takes me to the start up screen with "preparing automatic repair" and takes me to the same blue screen.
Selecting turn off turns off the PC, does not change the start up.
I do not have any 3rd party recovery devices so this option is of no use, unless this can fix the problem, in which case I will acquire one.
Troubleshoot gives me these options: 1. Refresh your PC-if your PC isn't running well, you can refresh it without losing your files. 2. Reset your PC-if you want to remove all your files, you can reset your PC completely. 3. Toshiba Maintenance Utility-maintain your PC. 4. Advanced options.
Refreshing the PC does nothing to change the "preparing automatic repair" loading and blue screens.
I do not wish to restart the PC completely because I have stuff on there I would like to keep.
Toshiba maintenance utility allows me to erase the hard disk. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds like something that erases my files, and as I said before I do not wish to do that.
Advanced options gives these options: 1. System restore-use a restore point recorded on your PC to restore windows. 2. System image recovery-recover windows using a specific system image file. 3. Startup repair-fix problems that keep windows from loading. 4. Command prompt-use the command prompt for advanced troubleshooting. 5. UEFI Firmware settings-change settings in your PC's UEFI Firmware. 6. Startup settings-change windows startup behavior.
System restore is no help because I have an anti virus system that apparently doesn't allow for restores.
I have no idea what system image recovery is or does.
Startup repair takes me to a loading screen with "diagnosing your PC" at the bottom, then takes me to a blue screen that says it could not repair the PC and allows me to shit it down or go into advanced options, I'm not sure what the advanced options are but can find out if needed.
I don't know any commands for command prompt, but if that can fix the problem, if one were to provide me with the things to input, I would certainly be able to type them in.
I have absolutely no idea what UEFI Firmware is or what it does, but if changing them can fix the problem, please walk me through doing it because it sounds complicated.
Startup settings allows me to restart to change options such as: enable low-resolution video mode, enable debugging mode, enable boot logging, enable safe mode, disable driver signature enforcement, disable early-launch anti-malware protection, and disable automatic restart on system failure. If those can help me I will restart, but I don't know what most of those do.
So if anyone knows how to fix this, preferably without erasing all my files, please help because my laptop is currently unusable and I would like to use it. Thanks.
If any other information about the laptop is needed, I will provide it.
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    Uninstall your anti virus if you can and then do a System Restore.

    You should have a Toshiba recovery disk. Ask Toshiba for one. Use that.
  2. For a Toshiba Satellite, If the above method doesnt workout, try pressing both F11 and F12 and in the Boot Menu, It worked out for me.
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