How do I flash my mother board without a disc drive?

The computer I am building has no disc drive on it, how do flash the bios if there is no disc drive.
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  1. to update bios ? with a usb stick or with your motherboard company bios installer.
  2. I mean to first put the bios on the motherboard.
  3. it is already there to starting with ...
  4. or do you mean OS like windows ?
  5. OK, I was confused. Can I just download all the drivers that I will need to use the computer to a USB and then install them that way?
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    hum, you can just download every driver when with your computer and install them right away. every component already has a basic driver to begin with. your video card will work right out of the box, same for your motherboard, your wifi adapter, and pretty much everything.

    You can then upgrade these driver from the very computer using those component.
  7. So all I have to do is just set up the computer and put the os on it and it should be fine?
  8. Yup !
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