I need an aternative for Ethernet Cable & Network Adapter?

Hi. I just built my 1st pc, and I need an alternative for an Ethernet cable, because I can't reach one to my room. A network adapter is too slow because of the distance between my room, and the router. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. I've had good success with Powerline Adapters.
  2. noahhicks said:
    I've had good success with Powerline Adapters.

    How do I hook one of those up?
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    They basically route ethernet through your power line, its creative but bothers me deep inside

    Why can't you just use WiFi? 802.11n is good for 100 meters outside, and about 40 meters when there are a few walls to punch through, range isn't an issue with a good WiFi router.
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