SSD help please

Just got ssd so do I put it in Raid 0 and my harddrive in raid 1?

also how do i add my hdd as a D drive when i got my ssd all set up with windows?
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  1. you obviously know nothing about what you ask... do yourself a favor and read about what you're asking, and start with the fundamentals of what RAID is here -
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    Raid is for making it go faster usually. SSDs already go fast enough.
  3. 1- start with putting the new SSD in the computer only (set BIOS controller to AHCI) , boot and install windows fresh on the SSD, installing the latest drivers for all devices
    2- then run windows update until the computer is up to date
    3- then install the other drive
  4. NEVER put a SSD in any kind of RAID. It hurts performance more than it helps, in most cases.

    Look on Wikipedia for an explanation of RAID. Learn what it is and you'll understand why you don't need it right now.

    Your drive might need to be set up with partitions. Use disk manager to do that. Find instructions on the internet.
  5. i ment which sata or raid whatever should i plug it in. ssd in 0 and hdd in 1? or does it matter at all? cuz i herd it doesnt matter
  6. psychostoner said:
    i ment which sata or raid whatever should i plug it in. ssd in 0 and hdd in 1? or does it matter at all? cuz i herd it doesnt matter

    it depends on your motherboard controller for those ports - choose the better controller if there's 2 of them
  7. Usually sata 0
  8. Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI ATX LGA1150 Motherboard is what i got.

    Cool so put it on sata 0. install OS. Go to bios and set it to SSD.

    Then do i put in hdd in sata 1 and reformat? then how do i make the hdd drive d in windows?
  9. Your HDD must have Windows removed. Back up data first then format the hdd.

    Without the HDD installed, install the SSD and Install Windows on it.

    Then install the hdd and resinstall apps and copy back data to it.
  10. but how do I install the HDD?
  11. Wipe it ( format it)

    After the SSD is running with Windows, put the HDD into the PC.
  12. Yeah I got that. But I mean once the SSD is up and running and I put in the HDD in sata 1 (reformated) then in the SSD OS how do i ADD the HDD as Drive D?
  13. Go into Windows Explorer and rename it.
  14. so ur saying in my computer the HDD will just be there?
  15. Yes. If formatted, you'll see it in Explorer.
  16. such a noob... love it!!
  17. I am a noob. Never had a SSD or done any of this and I like making sure :) thanks guys. I had a defected r9 290 fan problem and didnt wanna reformat till it was perfect so ill get that in a couple days RMA send back. So yeah i got the 850 samsung 256gig and im bout to wipe my 120gig data i dont really care to save anything on the hdd and yeah i wanted to make sure it was sata 0 and 1.
  18. wait do i reformat the hdd im using for windows before putting ssd in? if not how do i reformat it since its my OS?
  19. You are using the SSD for Windows, not the HDD
  20. If you installed windows to the SSD turn off your pooter and put hdd in hit delete on startup make sure your SSD is first boot device then start pooter then just format the hdd change drive letter or whatever
  21. Search Linus on YouTube very knowledgable guy and funny too
    If you want easy build guides who explains everything in detail search Carey holezman
    And if you want to watch the best of the best search singularity computers
  22. ok You guys say to use sata3 0 as my sdd and hdd 2 BUT i have express on my motherboard.

    So do i do SSD express.

    Cd drive sata3 - 1

    Hdd sata3 - 0????

    right now im sata3- 0 = SSD

    sata3 - 1 = HDD

    Express = CD DRIVE
  23. Express is a different connector - for pcie express high speed storage eg,3826-5.html

    SSD - sata port 0
    HDD - port 1
    CD - port 2
  24. ok but is my set up ok?

    sata3- 0 SSD
    sata3- 1 HDD
    Express - CD ?
  25. my ports are just 0 1 then express. i dont know where on the motherboard is 2 at. Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
  26. Look in the mobo manual.
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