8GB's of New Corsair Vengeance - Blue Color (2x 4GB's)

Hello All - I just set-up a new desktop yesterday, and here is what I have...

MoBo - Foxconn MoBo H61MX
RAM - 2x 4GB's Corsair Vengeance - DDR3 1600(PC3-12800) - Blue Color
HD - WD 500GB Green SATA
GPU - ECS 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 620
CPU - Intel Core i3 3240 Ive Bridge
OS - Win 7 Pro 64Bit
PSU - Antec VP450
Case - Ultra Products - Defender II - Black

My question is this. This is what I see while using Pirform's Speccy program, while looking under the RAM area. And then looking under the Slot #1 & Slot #2 area's, I see in the Max Bandwidth area.

Slot #1 Ram reads - PC3-10700 (667 MHz)
Slot #2 Ram reads - PC3-10700H (667 MHz)

Should they have a reading like this? And what does the H mean? Thanks to All who respond.
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  1. The default for the CPU and motherboard is 1333 MHz that is where it is running at. You would have to manually set it to 1600 MHz in BIOS.
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    Go into BIOS and enable XMP, select profile 1 to get to 1600 - then can check in CPU-Z (free app) in the memory tab - should show 800 (true freq) as this is double data rate (DDR) so true freq (800) x 2 = 1600 effective
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