How is my system?

CPU:i7 4770K
CPU Cooler:H100i
GPU: EVGA GTX 770 ACX Superclocked
CASE: Phantom 410
CASE FANS: 6 Corsair AF120 Red

What should I upgrade?!?! (I Can't replace PSU and Case)
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  1. Did you buy the system already or did you build it online?
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    I wouldn't really upgrade anything on that, one important thing that everyone forgets to mention is their monitor setup, though i assume you're using a 1080p/60hz one.

    The i7 is good, overclock it (if you haven't already) since that will benefit performance a bit. The i7 4790K which is the newer version requires a new mobo and is basically almost only a clock increase compared to yours (both on 4.4Ghz and performance would be almost the same), so it would be stupid to upgrade to that. ;)

    ONLY real thing to upgrade here would be the GPU, but it's not even close to the level where i would do an upgrade really.. 770 will do gaming in high or more settings in any title, there's no reason to replace it for a GTX780 or better, UNLESS you have something else than a 1080p monitor etc. 120/144hz monitor or 1440p monitor.

    So keep your system like it is now, rather spend the money later when the difference wont be so little. :)
  3. why do you want to upgrade?
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