XFX Radeon HD 6770 display Problem.

Hey everyone. I am new the the forums but could use some help. Yesterday day my graphics card stopped working. I had the up to date drivers for the XFX card from AMD and was going through and uninstalling old drivers from Nvidia. After doing this and doing a restart the card wont display anything. All it does is the screen flickers between black and gray and at times you can see the mouse during the black screen. Even if it is plugged into the HDMI port on the mother board it is still doing the same thing. After pulling out the XDX card the motherboard video will work. So i went and uninstalled and re installed the AMD drivers and put the card back in with the same results. I also tried it on three different monitors with the same result. I then thought maybe the graphics card slot on the mother board is the problem. But i plugged in two different NVIDIA cards that both work fine.

If anyone has a suggestions that would be great.

WIndow 8, Core i3, 8GB memory, 750 power. Not much of a rig but its coming together piece by piece.
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    Seems like the drivers of the nvidia are not correctly uninstalled which is interfering with the amd drivers. To uninstall everything related to Nvidia download the driver sweeper ( Read the instruction they are given on the page. And then try installing the amd drivers.
  2. Did the above process solved your problem?
  3. Hey Goku. Yeah it did. I installed the driver cleaner and ran that. Then re installed the card and appropriate drivers. After the restart it booted up just fine from the card and works perfectly.

    Thanks so much.
  4. Glad you got it resolved.
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