What are the side effects of disabling start-up programs?

I've read that disabling start-up programs can boost the boot time and performance of a PC.

However, I was wondering, if I do indeed disable some of these programs, what exactly is the effect?

Is it just merely that these programs will not launch until prompted by you, or are they not going to launch irrespective of whether you prompt them or not?

So for example, if I disable the MS Office 2010 Component from start-up, will it begin running once I run MS Word or PowerPoint?

What about the audio or touchpad drivers? Will disabling them render the audio and touchpad to not work, or is it merely the fact that these will not start up until you play an audio file or use the touchpad to navigate?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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  1. For the Office component, probably when you start an Office application.
    For the touchpad and audio, you want to leave those starting. Otherwise, you'd have to go in and manually start them to used those devices.
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    Here's a good site for what services are started up. what they are(and do), and which ones can be disabled safely.
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