Bargain 27 inch 1080p monitor?

so i found this monitor which looks great made by LG and its 27 inch for only £129.99

is it too good to be true?
any flaws or bad things on the monitor i would like to know before i purchase it.
Also its just for gaming and i'm happy with the 60hz
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    what model?
  2. Model number, link to page on website, these would be helpfull.
    Cant tell you if the monitor is any good without it, and cant tell you if the vendor is just trying to rip you off.
  3. LG 27M45HQ 27" LED VGA HDMI Monitor

    wow i cant believe i left the link out :o
  4. that's alright, things happen.

    that is a good buy, it's even more on Amazon -

    I would get that, for sure.
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