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We are a large business trying to build a monitoring tool that will display Real-time Core utilization of a group of servers. The issue with Task manager is rights having to be given, pulling up task manager through, for example, Citrix and then the task manager does not have an identifier to which server it is monitoring.

We would like a way - either WMI or other way like API interfaces or a program that sits on a server that we can connect to, to monitor core usage. We have written and app in .net that does a lot of other monitoring of our Oracle database and we would like to incorporate some server monitoring specifically of cores and memory utilization.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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  1. This seems relevant:

    Not sure what permissions would be needed.
  2. This is great. thanks for the info, but it give me a total CPU usage report. What I really need is the individual cores useage.
    We have a single threaded application that is used in our office and I wish to monitor the cores of a CPU. If you have any other ideas I appreciate the response. Thanks in advance. Gordon
  3. Look at System Center Operations Manager
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